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June 3, 2019


Those situations would be extremely hard to arrange for each participant to train. Thanks to VR it’s possible to train all the different scenarios within the same facility without the need to travel and engage expensive equipment and professionals.


VR Training for Flight Deck Officers allows near-reality level training in various scenarios on a helicopter deck, many of which could never be performed using real helicopters operated by real people, including emergency situations.

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Thanks to the low cost and quick setup of the VR training the education can be accomplished in just a fraction of what a real course would need to require. The course consists of theory, memorizing of movements and behavior; and practical training in VR.

Typical environments include helicopter deck on offshore oil rigs, supply ships, cruise ships, ferries, and onshore helidecks. The simulation covers practicing helicopter and deck knowledge, practicing of normal and emergency deck operations and procedures, communication, signaling, and practice with firefighting.

Thanks to the nature of VR it’s possible to arrange various situations in minutes and to perform the training in remote locations outside the established facilities. Having multiple scenarios created in the system the target participant list includes Rescue Personnel, including HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), Firefighters, Police, and other civil and military rescue workers.

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