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June 3, 2019

App Development

One of these solutions is to provide an environmentally friendly, efficient and effective garbage management system. The current garbage collection system includes routine garbage trucks doing rounds daily or weekly, which not only doesn’t cover every zone of the city but is a completely inefficient use of government resources.


Smart cities integrate multiple mobile or web solutions to build a comfortable human habitation

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    App Development

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    UI/UX Design

This paper proposes a cost-effective mobile or web based system for the government to utilize available resources to efficiently manage the overwhelming amounts of garbage collected each day, while also providing a better solution for the inconvenience of garbage disposal for the citizens. Garbage Management System Project This is done by a network of smart bins which integrates cloud-based techniques to monitor and analyze data collected to provide predictive routes generated through algorithms for garbage trucks. An android or web app is developed for the workforce and the citizens, which primarily provides the generated routes for the workforce and finds the nearest available smart bin for citizens.

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