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Color Palette

Evoqe Orange and Evoqe Red are our core brand colours. They are used in our logo and journey line as a consistent thread running through all our brand material.

Evoqe Orange

Pantone 1505 C

C0 M64 Y100 K0

R255 G105 B0

HEX #FF6900

Evoqe Red

Pantone 206 C

C0 M100 Y69 K2

R206 G0 B55

HEX #CE0037

Evoqe Aqua

Pantone 7467 C

C79 M16 Y33 K0

R0 G160 B170


Evoqe Yellow

Pantone 1235 C

C0 M25 Y94 K0

R255 G184 B28


Evoqe Green

Pantone 375 C

C45 M0 Y100 K0

R151 G215 B0

HEX #97D700

Evoqe Grey


C72 M64 Y65 K72

R33 G35 B34

HEX #212322

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